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Level One Archery Instructor Training

$100Purchase required to enroll
NOVA Archery Club Offers Level 1 Archery Certifications

Archery Instructors Needed.

USA Archery can always use certified Level 1 Archery instructors. L1 Instructors helps ensure and maintain the safety of archery. Target Archery has enjoyed a fantastic record of safety at archery ranges across the country and we’d like to keep that way. With our safe archery ranges, the level of participation and enjoyment has always been very high. As a L1 Instructor you will learn range safety, setting up ranges, shooting cycle steps, proper use of archery equipment and repair, programs offered by USA Archery and lesson plans.

The L1 Certification is typically a day course with testing at the end of that day. After successful completion, the L1 Certification is good for three years. Candidates must be 15 years or older.

Other benefits of becoming a L1 Certified Archery Instructor are:

Coaching Resources via USA Archery
Qualified to be the lead Instructor for an Explore Archery Program
Eligible for USA Archery insurance coverage. See USA Archery Insurance page in www.usaarchery.org for requirements.
Cancellation policy There is a $50 cancellation fee once the instructional materials have been ordered.
No upcoming schedule