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Fencing School

$50 per class$200A credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service.
Nova Fencing Club provides a location for your students in grades 3 and up to focus on schoolwork without the distractions of home. Drop-off before the school day, students attend their online classes, with a teaching assistant helping every pod of students. Each day ends with either archery or fencing instruction. This class is for the Tuesday - Friday school week.

Nobody expected the school year to look like this. We want to stay engaged with our athletes and help them stay on track. What we are offering: 1 to 9 instructor to student ratio, desks spaced a minimum of 6 feet apart, minimal distractions and an adult who can help students stay on task and stay organized. Their teachers will deliver the instruction, we will give them a structured space to do it in. After their school day is over, they will engage in bridge activities like legos, yoga, individual conditioning, art or D&D, then we will have either archery or fencing classes once the majority of students have finished school.

Covid-19 safety protocols: We continue to follow the CDC, ACA, and the state of Virginia in following their guidelines. There is a risk in attending a group learning environment, but we will make it a low as we possibly can. Masks are required. You can see what we are doing on our Covid-19 FAQ .

While we are in our current location, the total enrollment is limited to 18 students spaced six to ten feet apart. Each student will be assigned a desk for use during the school day. Masks are required during the day with the exception of being on the archery firing line. We will be moving into our new location in the Fall. The new location is 10,000 ft. and can accommodate more students at that time.