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Beginning Saber

Make Nova Fencing Club your home for fencing. Our Beginner Fencing classes are for youth, families and adults, who would like to fence any of the three fencing weapons: foil, epee or saber. Make fencing a family sport and take classes together. Fencers of all ages can learn together; fencers compete by age and skill levels.

Our Beginner Fencing Classes introduce the fundamentals of fencing including footwork, handwork and the rules of the sport in a fun, exciting and supportive atmosphere. We love to teach fencing.

Fencing is a competitive sport of strategy, finesse, skill, and endurance. It is a great sport that develops focus, strategic thinking and good sportsmanship. Fencing is a unique sport where body type does not dictate your success. Success is the result of deliberate practice and rigorous technique as taught by our coaches.

Program Benefits:

Encourages exercise through fun activities
Develops and improves coordination, reflex training and focus
Emphasizes focus and critical thinking
Develops sportsmanship and team dynamics
Develops quick decision-making and mental agility
Develops and improves overall conditioning
Develops and improves strength training
Improves flexibility and agility

All fencing equipment is provided.

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  • 12 visits
  • Unused visits expire after 4 weeks

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